Endless Possibilities for Creativity

The art of photography is often limited by our imagination. Aerial photography has both literally and figuratively brought photography to new heights. 360 cameras essentially allow you to capture the world in 3D. Modern editing programs allow us to do more with pictures and videos than we can even imagine.

This branch of Penguin VR Media is dedicated to helping you create your dream moments. Perhaps you want to recreate your own version of a picture you fell in love with in the past or there’s a place that you’ve always wanted to be photographed from above. Maybe you want to capture a moment from every vantage point in a 360-photo shoot, be the ruler of your own Tiny Planets, or see how many of yourself can fit into one picture by Cloning!

The following are a few fun examples of pictures and videos that can easily be yours.

360 Pictures

360-degree photos turn your pictures into an immersive experience. The picture is viewable from any angle giving them a 3D feel. That experience can be taken to the next level when viewing 360 images in Virtual Reality.


Ever wondered what a room full of yourself would look like? Well, wonder no more thanks to the art of cloning. Clones can be created in standard, panoramas or even 360 photos if you want room for even more of you.

Tiny Planet

You may never have your own planet, but Tiny Planet pictures can make it look like you do! The classic novel ”Little Prince” and “Mario Galaxy” use the Tiny Planet vantage point wonderfully. Tiny planet pictures can be made into a still image or viewed as a 360 picture for some mind-blowing angles.


A Dronie starts with the subject fully in the frame like a selfie. The drone begins recording as it backs up and away slowly from the subject, dramatically revealing the background. Dronies are great for any occasion and are fantastic for showcasing the subject in an epic setting or at an event.


An Asteroid is the perfect combination of a Tiny Planet picture and a Dronie video. It starts from a Tiny Planet view and zooms into the subject from above. The video is approximately 10 seconds long. The effect can also be reversed if you’d rather make it look like the video is launching the viewer into orbit.

These are just a few examples of the endless possibilities. Take a look at the samples below and browse through the gallery in my portfolio. Let me know what your ideas are and we’ll figure out a perfect shoot for you. If you can’t quite put together the perfect idea or just need some inspiration don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Let’s create some masterpieces together!