Aerial Photography in San Diego, CA

Aerial Photography in San Diego

Drones have elevated the bar for photography to new heights. Capturing unique and awe-inspiring vantage points is now readily available to you. Not even 10 years ago these vantage points were only possible by helicopter.

A range of aerial photography services are available to you. Fully immerse yourself in a 360-degree view with an aerial sphere. Enjoy a sweeping view with a 180-degree panorama. Or provide your viewers with a viewpoint of your choosing with a standard aerial photo.

Not only does aerial photography give you unique views of your San Diego property or business, but it can also give unique perspectives that you can’t get with standard photography. Instead of typical eye-level views and on-the-ground photos, take your imagery up a notch with aerial photography in San Diego. 

Whether you want to market your property online, track construction progress, satisfy legal requirements or just display your home or business in a unique and interesting way, aerial photography is a great way to capture more than you could ever hope for with generic, eye-level pictures.

Aerial 4k Video

In addition to pictures, videos up to 4K resolution are available. Orbits around your property, flybys, ascending and descending footage are common choices to highlight a listing. Or you can provide a more dramatic touch with specialty videos such as Asteroid, Dronies, and Rocket mode shots.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So what about high-quality, 4k videos that can give movement and expression to your property? With image width of over 4,000 pixels in stunning UHD, you’ll be able to supplement your property’s still photos with an engaging experience that you can only provide with the power of high-quality video. 

Show off your property in unique and interesting ways, and build awareness and excitement for any building or property feature. With San Diego aerial photography services from Penguin VR Media, you can present compelling imagery to highlighting the most important features of your property.

Aerial Photography San Diego

Real Estate Benefits of Aerial Photography in San Diego

A study performed by the National Association of Realtors revealed 80% of homeowners prefer to employ agents utilizing aerial photography and virtual tours. Additionally, according to a study from the MLS, properties showcasing aerial photography sell approximately 68% faster than ones without them. The dynamic duo of aerial photography and virtual tours is unstoppable!

Furthermore, since buyers spend about 60% of their time digesting images about a piece of property, it means that aerial photography in San Diego can give you a leg up on the competition that’s stuck in the ice age with fuzzy cell-phone pictures that generate more questions than answers. Simply put, aerial photography represents a huge opportunity for those that leverage this surprisingly affordable and stunning way to showcase properties.

Capturing drone footage is also easier than you would think with a licensed and capable drone pilot. In many instances you may not even need to be present as long as we can access the property and shoot the required footage, which often takes no longer than a few hours.

What To Expect With Our Aerial Photography Services

In order to accomplish the perfect shoot, I’ll ask you for a wish list of features you want to showcase and any other ideas you may have. We’ll walk through the wish list discussing how we can best transform your listed wishes into a reality. Not sure what angles will work best for your space? I’m happy to provide you with inspiration to spark your creativity!

If you’re still unsure, we can meet you at your property and I’ll show you in real-time the types of shots and footage that you can expect. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, I’ll take everything into account to best address your audience and to show your property in the best possible light. If there are any obstructions or areas to avoid, we’ll work around these limitations to give you San Diego aerial photography services that best flatter and compliment your property.

Commercial Aerial Photography San Diego

Post Production in Aerial View Photography

Forget about hiring an image editor or post-production team to get your imagery up to par. After we show up and capture compelling aerial view photography of your San Diego property, our work has just begun. We’ll take all of the source material and edit it for things like accurate color representation and contrast so that they look great on social media or wherever else you want to display them. 

All pictures and videos are professionally edited in the Adobe suite of products to ensure the best quality possible. Standard pictures are shot and edited in raw format, then converted into the file format of your choice. Typically, most people prefer JPEG or PNG files for ease of sharing and viewing.

Commercial Drone Pilot for Commercial Aerial Photography

Keep in mind that drones don’t fly themselves. In addition to the right drone and other tools, you’ll also need a competent commercial aerial photography pilot in San Diego that is licensed and able to capture just the right imagery you need to showcase your property. Other considerations include knowledge of how atmospheric conditions and light affects your images and videos, as well as an artistic eye to bring out the best of what your property has to offer.

As a commercially licensed drone pilot, I am able to operate with substantially fewer restrictions than a recreational pilot. However, there are still some flight restrictions that have been established by the FAA. In most cases, those restrictions can be properly navigated. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are curious about any FAA restrictions in your area.

Explore the examples below and click here or the button below to view more extraordinary aerial images and video.