View from Above

Aerial Photography

Drones have elevated the bar for photography to new heights. Capturing unique and awe-inspiring vantage points is now readily available to you. Not even 10 years ago these vantage points were only possible by helicopter.

A range of aerial photography services are available to you. Fully immerse yourself in a 360-degree view with an aerial sphere. Enjoy a sweeping view with a 180-degree panorama. Or provide your viewers with a viewpoint of your choosing with a standard aerial photo.

4k Video

In addition to pictures, videos up to 4K resolution are available. Orbits around your property, flybys, ascending and descending footage are common choices to highlight a listing. Or you can provide a more dramatic touch with specialty videos such as Asteroid, Dronies, and Rocket mode shots.


A study performed by the National Association of Realtors revealed 80% of homeowners prefer to employ agents utilizing aerial photography and virtual tours. Additionally, according to a study from the MLS, properties showcasing aerial photography sell approximately 68% faster than ones without them. The dynamic duo of aerial photography and virtual tours is unstoppable!

What To Expect

In order to accomplish the perfect shoot, I’ll ask you for a wish list of features you want to showcase and any other ideas you may have. We’ll walk through the wish list discussing how we can best transform your listed wishes into a reality. Not sure what angles will work best for your space? I’m happy to provide you with inspiration to spark your creativity!

Post Production

All pictures and videos are professionally edited in the Adobe suite of products to ensure the best quality possible. Standard pictures are shot and edited in raw format, then converted into the file format of your choice. Typically, most people prefer JPEG or PNG files for ease of sharing and viewing.

Commercial Drone Pilot

As a commercially licensed drone pilot, I am able to operate with substantially fewer restrictions than a recreational pilot. However, there are still some flight restrictions that have been established by the FAA. In most cases, those restrictions can be properly navigated. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are curious about any FAA restrictions in your area.

Explore the examples below and click here or the button below to view more extraordinary aerial images and video.