Hello everyone, I’m Josh the creator of Penguin VR Media. In addition to making penguins fly, I have a passion for creating virtual media content. My objective with this section is to provide you with insight into who I am. Without further ado, here’s my attempt at a writers’ favorite kind of picture, a word picture!


I was born and raised within the Five Boroughs of New York and spent my later formative years on Long Island. I settled in San Diego after a quest to find the best weather in the country. I’ve lived in Sunny SD for over a decade now. In addition to my love for photography and aviation, I enjoy finding the best pizza, epic food, traveling, motorcycles (and most things with a motor), along with nearly anything active and outdoors. I have an enormous Puerto Rican family that I’m very close with despite the nearly 3000 miles gap.


My love for photography started as a child, as most of our passions do. I have fond memories of photo editing when floppy disks were still floppy. With my first digital camera as a teenager, I remember the mind-blowing concept of taking as many pictures as I wanted and having an instant preview. I’ve owned numerous types of cameras over the years and plan to continue to diversify my collection.

Real Estate

When I was in my mid-teens my older brother purchased a real estate course by Carleton Sheets that was on cassette tape. While that tape series didn’t lead to me becoming a teenage real estate mogul, it did spark my interest in realty. Over the years my brother and I have remained passionate about real estate and owned several investments. One of my biggest gripes with real estate listings has always been the lack of quality pictures and descriptions. When I saw my first virtual tour, I realized there was a way to kill two birds with one stone. I saw virtual tours as a game-changer and I knew I could make it even better.

Virtual Reality

Like most kids in my neighborhood, I grew up playing various competitive sports and video games. Back then, Virtual Reality was something out of a fantasy or a Sci-Fi movie. The past couple of years VR has made substantial improvements across the board. Especially in price and practicality. The current generations of Oculus headsets have truly bridged the gap from virtual to reality.

Aerial Photogr

My brothers and I always had some sort of RC plane or helicopter growing up. I had the opportunity to attend a flight school as a teenager which only furthered my love for aviation. Over the years I’ve enjoyed recreational flying. I often wondered how I could combine my love for aviation and photography in a manner that I could share it with others. In 2018, I experienced firsthand the leaps and bounds drones made since their mainstream popularization several years earlier with DJI’s Phantom 3. That test flight opened my eyes to the new heights aerial photography was capable of.


I set out to find a way to incorporate my passions, creativity, and experiences. My solution was to craft a creative blend that ultimately led to Penguin VR Media being born. There are numerous companies that offer the services I provide al la carte. But very few companies provide individualized and comprehensive services at the exceptional quality and detail you can expect from me. More importantly, I believe that epic photography is about more than just pictures. It’s about building relationships with people to create an experience that achieves the best possible product for them.

The one question I get the most is, “But why Penguins?” In my early 20’s at some point, I was asked what my favorite animal was. I replied, “Penguins because they are always dressed to impress and are adorable.” Penguins are the perfect representation of the brand I wanted to create. An image that’s fun and at times goofy, yet their native tuxedo-wearing look demonstrates a level of professionalism and class. Not to mention baby penguins are adorable!

There you have it! I’ll leave it to you to decide if this page was a Van Gogh of word pictures or just a thoughtful insight into my story.  Either way, I hope you’ve enjoyed my website and I look forward to hearing from you!